Supply Chain Business Consulting

Ship Logistics Nepal understands the complex world of supply chains. In today’s dynamic market, even minor disruptions can have a major impact on your business.

Our Supply Chain Consulting Services help you:

Navigate Complexity: We analyze your current operations, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.
Craft a Winning Strategy: We develop a customized plan to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.
Embrace Innovation: We integrate cutting-edge technology and best practices to give your supply chain a competitive edge.
Gain Real-Time Visibility: Track your goods in real-time with our data analytics and tracking tools, making informed decisions with ease.
Build Resilience: Mitigate potential risks and disruptions, ensuring your supply chain remains agile and adaptable.

Reduced Costs: Eliminate inefficiencies and optimize spending throughout your supply chain.
Faster Deliveries: Meet customer expectations with on-time deliveries and efficient logistics management.
Optimized Inventory: Maintain optimal stock levels, minimizing stockouts and unnecessary storage costs.
Enhanced Risk Management: Proactive planning mitigates potential disruptions and ensures business continuity.
Sustainable Practices: Implement environmentally friendly logistics solutions for a greener supply chain.
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain:

Ship Logistics Nepal is your trusted partner in optimizing your supply chain for success.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our expertise can propel your business forward!

Air Freight

Ship Logistics Nepal offers reliable and efficient air freight solutions, customized to your specific needs. We leverage global experience and local expertise to ensure fast transit times for cargo moving to or from Nepal.

Our Services:

Integrated Air & Ground: Seamless air and ground operations for your shipments.
Consolidation: Save costs by consolidating smaller shipments.
Sea-Air Options: Flexible sea-air intermodal solutions.
Door-to-Door Delivery: Convenience and peace of mind.
Expedited Service: Priority handling for urgent shipments.
Customs & Documentation: Expert guidance for smooth clearance.
Packaging & Crating: Secure shipment preparation.
Real-time Tracking: Monitor your cargo’s journey.

Ocean / Sea Freight

Ship Logistics Nepal leverages our extensive network and experienced team to provide reliable containerized sea freight solutions.

We have long-term partnerships with multiple shipping lines, guaranteeing:

Capacity: Access to ample container space, always available.
Flexibility: Tailored solutions for all cargo types, anywhere in the world.
Competitive Rates: Stable yet cost-effective pricing for all shipments.

Our Services:

FCL & LCL Consolidation: Full container loads and cost-saving consolidation options.

Break Bulk & Project Cargo: Efficient handling of oversized and complex cargo.

Multi-Vendor Consolidation: Streamline logistics with single-source management.

Multimodal Shipping: Seamless sea and land transportation.

Door-to-Door Delivery: Convenient end-to-end service.

Customs & Documentation: Expert guidance for smooth clearance.

Cargo Tracking: Real-time visibility throughout your shipment’s journey.

Insurance Assistance: Help securing optional marine insurance.

Rail & Road Transportation

Ship Logistics Nepal offers efficient and reliable haulage services between Nepal and major Indian ports.


Kolkata (Calcutta)
Other Indian ports (upon request)
Our experienced team specializes in handling all your inland transportation needs, both inbound and outbound from Nepal. We have the expertise and capacity to manage any type of container, including:

Dry Containers
Reefer Containers
General Cargo
Oversized Cargo

Project / Contract logistics

Ship Logistics Nepal understands the complexities of project cargo within Nepal’s growing economy. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions for your project needs.


Route Planning: Analysis of port congestion and proposal of multiple options.

Inland Transportation: Detailed plans with contingency alternatives.

Multi-Origin Coordination: Seamless logistics management for suppliers worldwide.

Project Cargo Handling: Expertise in moving complex cargo from origin to job site.

On-Site Supervision: Experienced team members providing physical oversight.

Real-time Tracking: Regular status updates to ensure smooth progress.

Customs Clearance: Expert guidance for efficient documentation and clearance.
Chartering: Ship and aircraft chartering solutions for oversized cargo.

Documentation Support: Preparation of invoices, packing lists, and Certificates of Origin.

Warehouse Management

Ship Logistics Nepal offers customized warehouse management solutions to meet your growing import and export needs. Leveraging Nepal’s expanding trade landscape, we ensure efficient storage and distribution for your goods.

Customs Clearance

Ship Logistics Nepal simplifies customs clearance for your cargo, from general goods to electronics. Our experienced team ensures efficient processing and minimizes delays, often clearing airfreight within 1 business day. We handle all formalities for seamless import and delivery within Nepal.